Kate and Rodney
Kate and Rodney

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Our Story

Rodney & Kate were both involved in the OU football program. Rodney was a player, and Kate was an athletic trainer for the team. While preparing for the upcoming season, Rodney injured his neck and had to sit out for the rest of the year. Because of the injury Rodney had to spend a lot of time in the training room, and that is where he was first introduced to Kate. After almost a full semester of crushing on each other, they ended up out one evening at the same party. Kate went up to Rodney and struck up a conversation that lasted almost the whole time. Before leaving, Rodney handed her his phone so she could enter her number. She put her number in his phone and saved her contact as “Love of Your Life”. After a few months of talking and hanging out, they decided to make it official. They both went on to finish the next season together, graduate OU, and move to Cincinnati. After five years of dating, Rodney took her back to where it all started and proposed to Kate, mid-game, in Gaylord Memorial Stadium on October 16th, 2021.